National Youth Theatre Redevelopment – Air Quality Assessment


National Youth Theatre, Islington

REC’s Air Quality Impact Group provided an Air Quality Assessment to support the redevelopment of the National Youth Theatre performing centre on Holloway Road, Islington.

The £10million mixed use redevelopment proposals comprise the refurbishment of the prestigious National Youth Theatre which has worked with Daniel Craig, Dame Helen Mirren and Daniel Day-Lewis amongst others. The development also includes 80 residential units and retail provision. A sustainable energy centre was also part of the proposals to provide low carbon energy for the site.

Elevated Pollutant Concentrations

The site is located within an area identified by London Borough of Islington as experiencing elevated pollutant concentrations. Future site users may therefore be exposed to poor air quality and emissions from the energy centre have the potential to adversely affect air quality in this sensitive location. Furthermore, there is the potential for air quality impacts to occur during the construction of the development.

Dispersion Modelling

Air quality impacts during the construction of the scheme were assessed and suitable mitigation techniques were specified in order to protect local residents from potential fugitive dust emissions. For the operational phase assessment, a detailed dispersion model was development by REC’s Air Quality Consultants to predict any impacts as a result of pollutants generated by the energy centre and assess the site for areas of poor air quality. Results were verified against monitoring results from the Local Authority. The assessment indicated that impacts were negligible at all sensitive locations within the vicinity of the site and suitable mitigation measures were outlined in order to ensure a supply of clean air for future site users.


REC’s Air Quality Assessment concluded that air quality issues should not be a constraint to planning consent. Following REC’s involvement in the project, future site users will be protected from poor air quality and the scheme can progress through the planning process.