Manchester Etihad Stadium Expansion


Manchester Etihad Stadium Expansion

REC’s Air Quality Consultants provided an Air Quality Environmental Impact Assessment to support the planning application for the expansion of the Etihad Stadium, Manchester.

The proposals comprise the expansion of MCFC’s stadium in Beswick, Manchester by a total of up to 14,500 seats along with changes to parking, landscaping and associated infrastructure. The scheme is part of the on-going regeneration of east Manchester and as one of the top Football Clubs in the world MCFC, identified a long-term target: to increase the capacity of the Etihad Stadium, whilst respecting the form of the existing Stadium and maintaining its integrity and safety.

Air Quality Management Area

The site’s access roads are located within the Manchester Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) which was designated by Manchester City Council due to elevated pollutant levels. Additional traffic associated with the scheme has the potential to adversely affect air quality in the AQMA. Furthermore, there is the potential for air quality impacts to occur during the construction phase of the development.

Construction phase air quality impacts were assessed and suitable mitigation measures were proposed in order to protect local residents from potential fugitive dust emissions. A detailed dispersion modelling assessment of the road network was developed in order to predict air quality impacts as a result of match day and event day traffic generated by the development within the AQMA. Results were verified by monitoring results from the Local Authority. The results of the assessment indicated that impacts as a result of the traffic generated by the proposals were not predicted to be significant at any sensitive location within the AQMA.

REC’s Air Quality Environmental Impact Assessment concluded that air quality issues should not be a constraint to planning consent. Following REC’s involvement in the project, the Environmental Impact Assessment has been submitted successfully and the developers will soon be able to proceed with the proposals.