Ground Investigation at Paddington London Underground


Following a Cross Rail induction, the LUCAS trained engineers mobilised to complete the investigation works.

Dynamic probe in-situ testing followed by the advancement of window sample boreholes were carried out to determine ground conditions. Each sampling location was installed with a piezometer to monitor the presence of water.

An assessment of the chemical nature of the material and Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) testing was carried out on material proposed for excavation in order to classify the soils for disposal at landfill.

The sampling locations were located within the highway outside the stations main entrance, adjacent to a busy pavement with high pedestrian flow. Therefore works were carried out in an area controlled by traffic management and pedestrian control. Part of the investigation involved night working to allow access and minimise disturbance.

The works were closely monitored for noise and dust disturbance as part of Cross Rail’s stringent controls. Services were located to protect the LU underground structure and any other third party assets and services within the vicinity of the works.REC was able to complete the ground investigation and provide information to facilitate the Client’s wider objectives to design a long term solution that would remove the water ingress concerns at the station.