Former Gas Works Redevelopment


REC Ltd has been involved in a planning application for the redevelopment of a former gas works site.

The redevelopment comprises of a high quality residential scheme comprising of apartment blocks adjacent to the River Foss.

REC Ltd were brought into the planning and construction design team by a Manchester based structural engineering practice to advise on soil and groundwater issues associated with the site. Site investigations proved that the site, which is located on a regionally important aquifer, was not grossly contaminated, although deep groundwater was impacted by certain contaminants of concern. The groundwater was deemed to have been impacted from on offsite source (the adjacent main town gas production area) as there was little evidence of contamination in overlying soils on the site.

REC Ltd was also requested to provide ground information to enable a foundation solution to be developed, which will consist of piling into the underlying bedrock.

REC Ltd developed a quantitative risk assessment for both human health and controlled waters, which determined site-specific remedial targets for the protection of the end users of the site, the River Foss and groundwater resources. These were incorporated into the Remedial Method Statement (RMS), which was developed in collaboration with the Environment Agency after agreement of the reclamation strategy and construction issues such as odours, noise and dust monitoring and abatement.

The submission was formally granted full planning permission.