Environmental Compliance Review – UK Pharmaceuticals Company


Resource and Environmental Consultants (REC) were commissioned by one of the UK’s largest Pharmaceutical companies to undertake an environmental compliance review of their manufacturing plant. The review was undertaken with respect to current UK regulations and best practice.

REC identified potential compliance issues that may have resulted in penalties or fines. Through following REC recommendations the company will be able to avoid potential fines and ultimately save money through a proposed energy recycling scheme.

REC carried out the identification of Potential Areas of Concern (PAOC), the compliance review of operations, the compliance review of waste operations and the identification of potential environmental improvements.
Through the creation of a recommended canopied raw materials and waste storage area, the company will reduce the likelihood of potential liquid spills to the underlying soil and groundwater and be able to effectively manage materials in a more effective manner.

The company will also incorporate findings within an Environmental Management System using ISO 14001 as a benchmark.