Development of Gas Works


REC Ltd were engaged by a national supermarket retailer to assist them in the acquisition and development of a former gas works facility in the town of Fleetwood.

A number of site investigations were undertaken which identified a legacy of typical gasworks contamination associated with the gas holders, retort houses and underground fuel tanks. Despite the comprehensive site investigations, it was considered necessary prior to commencement of the enabling works to ‘map’ the different classes of waste which would need disposing at either a non-hazardous or hazardous landfill facility. The undertaking of this exercise provided reduced cost benefits as a large proportion of the contaminated material was deemed to be non-hazardous and therefore did not require removal to a more costly facility.

An REC Ltd Engineer was on site each day during the enabling works to monitor the work progress and to ensure that materials were sampled and tested so that they were either removed offsite or retained onsite in permitted areas. Upon completion of the enabling works, a Validation Report was developed which was accepted by the Environment Agency and Local Authority.

  • Site Investigations (Geotechnical and Environmental).
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (pre and post CLEA SGVs).
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Invasive plant species survey.
  • Liaison with the regulators.
  • Development of Remedial Method Statements.
  • Development of tender for remediation contact.
  • Landfill tax exemption application.
  • Air quality monitoring during earthworks.
  • Characteristics of hazardous/non hazardous materials.
  • Validation of remediation levels.
  • Development of validation report.

REC provided a controlled water risk assessment which showed groundwater treatment was not necessary on the site. Instead a pragmatic solution was approved which involved removing soil contamination, encountered in former gas holders, tanks, and retort house area etc.

This saved the client approximately £800,000.