Detailed Survey for Bats


In February 2015, REC undertook a detailed inspection survey for bats within an old four storey mill building in Stockport. The Council requested nocturnal surveys as part of a planning application to convert the mill into apartments.

Due to the seasonal constraints associated with nocturnal surveys, this threatened to delay the project for several months. However, REC agreed an alternative scope with the Council. The aim of the survey was to systematically search all cracks and crevices on the exterior and the interior of the mill for signs of bats. Due to the size of the building this required a lorry mounted cherry picker. Once in position an endoscope was used by a Natural England licensed bat ecologist to inspect the building.

Over 200 cracks/crevices were searched and no bats or signs of bats were found. Only two crevices (on the exterior) were deemed suitable to house bats, however, as no signs of bats were found, these were in-filled to remove the risk of future occupation. A detailed report was issued to the Council demonstrating the work that was undertaken and the recommended mitigation required for works to commence.