Detailed Building Inspection for Bats


REC Ltd undertook a thorough internal and external inspection of a series of buildings to discount the presence of bats before demolition.

REC’s expert bat consultants helped Mulbury Homes secure planning permission for a proposed residential development in Warrington. The site was a former scrap yard which contained a series of buildings proposed for demolition. A preliminary assessment of the buildings indicated that they had many features that could be used by bats for roosting; however, due to their location in an urban setting, their overall bat roosting potential was low.

The bat survey season is highly time constrained and the Council’s initial request for a full suite of bat surveys threatened to terminate the project that required planning permission in a short timeframe, outside of the required survey season (May to September). Nevertheless, REC’s ecology department consulted with the County ecologist to find an alternative and satisfactory solution for both the client and the Local Planning Authority. It was agreed to proceed with a detailed internal inspection, coupled with a detailed external finger-tip survey of the buildings using a cherry picker.

Following the detailed survey, no bats or signs of bats were identified. Thanks to our innovative advice, planning permission was granted and the buildings were subsequently demolished.

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