Contaminated Land Assessment – Crown Speciality Packaging UK Ltd


REC were approached by Crown Speciality Packaging Ltd to undertake a contaminated land assessment on their active site to aid the present industrial site to be accepted by local authority for residential end use.

The present site was considered high risk due to a principal aquifer underlying the site and if the change of use to a residential was adopted due to the industrial heritage of the site including railway siding, metal box works and the present use as a tin plate printing factory. Primary potential contaminants on site included a Diesel AST, Tin slag, and solvents used within the factory processes.

With the planning deadline rapidly approaching, REC designed a site investigation utilising both an electric window sampler rig and terrier rig to complete a site investigation internally to the active factory, as well as external probeholes, sample turnaround, risk assessment and a report within two weeks for a potential development of 110 residential units.

The subsequent investigation enabled the site to be accepted for planning by identifying no VOC plume emanating from the factory with no identified concentrations that could not be remediated against with basic capping measures.