Construction and Environment Management Plan – Powys, Wales



A new telecommunications base is proposed on the Coed Howell Farm site requiring an access road to go through the farmyard to the new base station. The planning permissions stipulated that a Construction and Environment Management Plan (CEMP) be carried out with a specific requirement to assess ecological risks posed to trees and an adjoining water course.  The CEMP drew information from a number of disciplines within REC and included:

  • Health and Safety;
  • Public safety, site security and neighbourly relations;
  • Operating hours;
  • Controls to limit noise and vibration;
  • Fire and Emergency Arrangements;
  • Management of air, dust, storm water and sediment;
  • Traffic Management;
  • Tree Protection; and
  • Water Course Protection.

REC was able to bring all this information together in a single CEMP document, capitalising on our multi-disciplinary service offering.


The CEMP includes for a site briefing to be undertaken by REC prior to the commencement of construction works in order to convey the pertinent information within the CEMP to onsite contractors. Regular site visits are also be taken by REC in order to monitor compliance.

Trees which are subject to Tree Root Protection will be retained, in these instances tree protection fencing will be installed, suitably braced to resist impacts.

Watercourse protections plans include no works to take place within 2m of the watercourse, a silt fence will be installed if large amounts of dust and silt are expected and should any oils or other toxic substances be spilt then these will be cleaned immediately, and should any substances enter the water course, the Environment Agency will be informed immediately.