Bat Survey at Upper Wyke Farm, Andover


Upper Wyke Farm, Andover

REC was initially commissioned to undertake an Ecological Constraint Assessment of a farm building near Andover, Hampshire. This was to provide information to the local authority and support a planning application for the re-development of the site. Based on the information provided by the client before the site visit, REC recognised that the building presented suitable features to be used by roosting bats and advised that a bat survey should be undertaken at the same time to avoid time delays and additional costs.

Ecological Constraint Assessment and Bat Survey

The Ecological Constraint Assessment was undertaken by REC’s qualified ecologists in May 2014. The building was a traditional two storey farm building. The building had not been used for several years and many suitable bat roosting features were identified during the initial assessment. The first bat survey took place on the same day and one common pipistrelle was observed flying out of the building. Further surveys identified that a brown long-eared bat was also roosting in the building. The REC ecologist advised on appropriate mitigation measures and the relevant Natural England licence process as soon as the roost was confirmed to ensure the planning application for the refurbishment of the building could be submitted without delay.

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