Asbestos Multipurpose Service- Enviraz Scotland LTD


REC provided full asbestos consultancy services to one of the largest asbestos removal contractors in Scotland.

Whilst operating under the UK licensing asbestos regimes, Enviraz (Scotland) Ltd had a requirement for fully UKAS accredited consultancy services.

The need for an independent and impartial consultant to keep both the workforce safe and to ensure that whilst working with asbestos no-one who may come into contact during works was put at increased risk is enshrined in UK law.

REC was able to perform all functions required from the local office in East Kilbride. Most work with asbestos materials was carried out in a planned manner, however sometimes a quick response was required especially where client reassurance was necessary. Since 2004, REC has delivered over 20,000 air tests and over 50,000 bulk analysis.

The services that we can provide include air monitoring, bulk analysis including soil work, surveying, training and auditing.

The general level of service has made REC the trusted provider for a large spread of services for Enviraz (Scotland) Ltd. In turn this has ensured repeat business and referrals to shared clients. Our commitment to satisfying clients requirements has been replicated throughout the UK and has been instrumental in ensuring the rapid growth of REC in the asbestos sector.