Asbestos Monitoring Protocol – Cinetiq Landis, Keighley


REC were initially commissioned to produce an Asbestos Monitoring Protocol and offer continued consultancy services with regard to the presence of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) within the Made Ground soils.

A previous Site Investigation report completed by Worms Eye (WE) identified the presence of ACM within the Made Ground, in addition to hydrocarbon contamination. Sutcliffe Construction intended to construct an extension to the current Cinetic Landis factory, however this involved the excavation of Made Ground, for which REC provided the supervision and validation procedures with a subsequent Validation Report submitted.

It was determined that the potential exposure associated with the ACM would be during the construction process when it would be necessary to excavate impacted soils.

During the course of these works, it was required of REC to complete a supplementary Site Investigation and Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment for Controlled Waters due to the presence of hydrocarbon contamination within the ground and the close proximity of the river (adjacent to the site).

REC were required to act as the specialist asbestos (contaminated soils) consultant to help address the previously unidentified asbestos.

This was undertaken in complete accordance with the requirements of the Bradford Council and Environment Agency and identified there to be no significant risk to controlled waters, which was fully agreed by the Regulatory Authorities.