Asbestos Consultancy – Texaco & Chevron Pembrokeshire Refinery


REC has supplied advice and consultancy services to the Pembrokeshire Oil Refinery

Information was uncovered in the late part of the planning stage that identified a risk that asbestos rope may have been left following a removal from inside a Cracking tower on the Pembrokeshire site.

Texaco had 12 weeks during a shutdown to enable their specialist teams to enter the tower and clean and fix the collection cups within it. This tower is fundamental to the workings of the refinery and any elongation of the shut down process would have a serious financial impact.

The requirement was to ensure that if the material was still in the tower, that the specialist maintenance team were kept safe and that the process of inspection was not held up.

REC was able to supply all required asbestos services from our local office in Port Talbot.

REC was contacted one week before the start of the shutdown with a request to supply round the clock monitoring to ensure that the inspection would take place alongside the shut down process.The team had identified that the work would not be possible without reassurance that the risk from airborne asbestos fibres was properly dealt with.

During the 24 hour monitoring process, REC carried out personal air monitoring and entry and exit static monitoring on the site. Asbestos awareness information was delivered in the form of a daily tool box talk.

The contract was successful in that REC was able to finish works four weeks ahead of schedule.