Asbestos Consultancy Services at Trowbridge County Hall


Asbestos Consultancy – Trowbridge County Hall for Kier Construction

REC Asbestos (South) provided asbestos consultancy for Kier Construction during the refurbishment works at Trowbridge County Hall, Trowbridge.

Trowbridge was chosen to host the County Hall because of its convenience of rail travel at the time. The building was completed late in the summer of 1940, for a cost of £150,000.

Scope of Works

An Asbestos Project Manager was employed to supervise the asbestos removal contractor during the removal works. As part of this, REC Asbestos (South) designed and implemented an air monitoring strategy. REC Asbestos (South) verified all necessary documentation and acted as the interface between the client and the asbestos removal contractor. Additionally, REC Asbestos (South) verified the performance of the asbestos removal contractor by carrying out a number of audits of their asbestos removal operations.

The asbestos removal phase began in November 2012. The building contained a variety of ACM’s, largely thermal insulation to pipework, approximately 4000Lm throughout the building. It was during this initial removal phase more ACM’s were found by REC Asbestos (South).

Works Summary

The additional asbestos was found within the air handling system throughout the building, REC Asbestos (South) carried out extensive surveying of the ductwork to establish the extent. Due to the nature of the building it was not reasonably practical for all the ductwork to be removed. REC Asbestos (South) and Kier worked closely to design the removal programme of the ductwork, ensuring only areas of intended work would need removing, and any ductwork to remain would be suitably managed.

At this stage other trades were now onsite. Operative safety was of paramount importance and safeguards were put in place that would greatly reduce risk to asbestos exposure. REC Asbestos (South) developed the asbestos register and updated it regularly, enabling contractors to consult the register before working in their area of work and identify any potential risks.


At the end of the asbestos removal project, REC Asbestos (South) issued a close-out report and an updated survey. This was to highlight any ACM’s to remain in-situ. Once the final refurbishment works were completed, a final management survey was issued, so that an asbestos management plan could be developed.

The high quality and pragmatic approached provided has ensured REC Asbestos (South) is the trusted consultant for a large spread of asbestos services for Kier Construction throughout the UK.