Artificial Lighting Impact Assessment


REC was commissioned to conduct an Artificial Lighting Impact Assessment in support of a proposed residential development at land off Burton Acres Lane, Kirkburton. The proposals comprised the development of 97 residential units and associated infrastructure.

Artificial lighting from floodlights associated with the adjacent tennis club had the potential to cause impacts on future residents of the site and as such, an assessment of lighting impacts at the proposed site location was undertaken.

Baseline conditions were defined through a site survey and desk-top study of mapping resources. Sensitive locations within the development were identified and the general landscape character was considered.

A computer model of the development was produced using lighting engineer software which allowed for consideration of building geometries for the proposals and luminaires associated with the surrounding area. The results of the lighting assessment highlighted that the relevant criteria were achieved at the majority of the sensitive receptor locations considered. Where the criteria were not met, lighting impacts were still considered to be insignificant due to the frequency of when the floodlights would be used. Furthermore, on-site observations indicated that glare was not considered to be an issue at the proposed development site due to the downward direction of the floodlights onto the tennis courts.

Based on the lighting impact assessment results, it is considered unlikely that existing lighting will cause unacceptable light spillage or expose future residents to significant source intensity. As such, lighting impacts at the proposed development are considered to be acceptable.

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