Artificial Lighting Impact Assessment – Residential, Yorkshire


REC Ltd was commissioned to undertake an Artificial Lighting Impact Assessment in support of a proposed residential development in Pocklington, Yorkshire.

Artificial lighting from floodlighting from an adjacent amenity centre had the potential to impact on future residents at sensitive receptor locations and as such, an Artificial Lighting Assessment was undertaken as part of the planning application.

Baseline conditions were defined through a site survey and sensitive receptor locations within the development were identified, including general landscape considerations. This process ensured impacts could be assessed against the most relevant criteria.

Based on the assessment results, it was concluded that existing floodlighting would not cause unacceptable light spillage at future residential receptor locations and as such, lighting impacts from the adjacent amenity centre was considered to be within acceptable limits.


Picture of Pocklington Market Town – by Ian Lavender, CC BY-SA 2.0, httpss://

Lighting Impact Assessment