Ammonia Impact Assessment – Poultry Farm


REC Air Quality were commissioned to undertake an Ammonia Impact Assessment of potential emissions from a poultry farm in Shropshire. The client was proposing four new broiler houses at the farm and the Environment Agency had requested an assessment of potential impacts at ecological receptors for submission in support of the Environmental Permit applications for the facility.

The assessment was undertaken using ADMS-4, a detailed modelling software package developed for the prediction of pollutant emission dispersion. Information on the number of chickens, building geometries and site layout were input into the model and ammonia concentrations predicted at the Midlands Meres and Mosses Phase 2 Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Ramsar site.

Predicted levels were compared against the relevant air quality guidelines and found to be insignificant. As such ammonia emissions were shown not to be a constraint to the development of the farm.

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