Air Quality Support for Site Near M56 in Cheshire


REC completed an Air Quality Assessment in support of a planning application for a new residential development off West Lane, High Leigh in Cheshire.

Close Proximity to Motorway

The site is located less than 200m from the M56, a significant source of road vehicle exhaust emissions. As such, an Air Quality Assessment was required to confirm that pollution levels across the proposed development were below the relevant Air Quality Limit Value, ensuring the site was suitable for residential use.


A dispersion modelling assessment was undertaken by REC’s Air Quality Consultants using the software package ADMS-Roads to address concerns raised by Cheshire East Council. This predicted pollutant concentrations across the proposed development as a result of the M56 and other roads within the vicinity of the site.

The dispersion modelling predicted that concentrations were well below the required standard, despite the close proximity of the motorway.

Air Quality Conclusions

REC’s Air Quality Assessment concluded that air quality issues should not be a constraint to planning consent. This saved the client additional costs associated with the implementation of further mitigation measures or revisions to the building design.