Air Quality Environmental Impact Assessment – Baron’s Quay, Northwich


Northwich Air Quality

REC’s Air Quality Consultants formed part of the project team, led by Broadway Malyan, which achieved planning approval from Cheshire West and Chester Council for the construction of a large-scale mixed-use development in Northwich.

The proposals included the provision of a retail and leisure centre, a hotel and 45 residential units on a 8.25Ha site to the north of Northwich. Due to the size of the development, there is the potential for environmental impacts at sensitive receptors in the vicinity of the site during the construction and operational phases. As such, one of the requirements for planning approval was the submission of an Environmental Statement, for which REC provided the Air Quality Environmental Impact Assessment chapter.

Air Quality EIA

Potential construction phase air quality impacts were assessed as a result of fugitive dust emissions associated with demolition, earthworks, construction and trackout activities. It was considered that the use of good practice control measures would provide suitable mitigation for the development and control effects to an acceptable level.

A dispersion modelling assessment was undertaken in order to predict air quality impacts as a result of exhaust emissions associated with traffic generated by the development during the operational phase.

Although an increase in pollutant concentrations was predicted at a small number of sensitive locations in the vicinity of the site, impacts were not predicted to be significant.

The Air Quality Environmental Impact Assessment also took into consideration potential cumulative effects associated with development on adjacent land, and residual impacts after mitigation.

Conclusions from Air Quality Assessment EIA

Based on the results of REC’s Air Quality Environmental Impact Assessment, it was concluded that the development was fully compliant with all relevant planning policies and, as such, consent should not be refused on air quality grounds.