Air Quality Assessment – Wycke Hill, Spital Road, Maldon


REC helped to support the planning application for a residential development in Maldon, Essex, which will provide up to 127 new dwellings on the south-western edge of the town. Due to the size and location of the scheme, an Air Quality Assessment was required in order to consider site suitability for residential use and assess potential impacts arising from the construction and operation of the proposals.

A preliminary desk-top study identified two locally designated nature reserves in close proximity to the proposed site which may be affected by fugitive dust emissions associated with construction activities. Potential impacts were assessed on a qualitative basis and suitable mitigation techniques identified in order to control emissions to an acceptable level.

During the operational phase of the scheme there is the potential for air quality impacts as a result of traffic exhaust emissions associated with new residents traveling to and from the site. REC’s Air Quality Consultants undertook adispersion modelling assessment using ADMS-Roads in order to quantify increases in pollutant concentrations at sensitive locations in the vicinity of the development. This indicated that impacts would be negligible and mitigation was therefore not required.

The site was also located in close proximity to the A414, a significant source of vehicle exhaust emissions. The dispersion model predictions from our Air Quality Assessment indicated pollutant levels were below the relevant standards across the site and the amenity of future residents would therefore be protected.

Based on the results of REC’s Air Quality Assessment, it was concluded that the development was fully compliant with all relevant planning policies and, as such, consent should not be refused on air quality grounds.