Air Quality Assessment – Sillavan Way, Salford


REC recently provided significant cost savings through determination of air quality mitigation on a plot by plot basis throughout a landmark scheme at Sillavan Way, Salford.

REC was commissioned to undertake an Air Quality Assessment in support of the planning application for a major residential development in Greater Manchester. The proposals included the provision of 327 dwellings set over four apartment blocks and associated car parking and infrastructure. The site was located within an area identified by Salford City Council as experiencing elevated pollutant concentrations and in close proximity to Trinity Way, a significant source of road vehicle exhaust emissions. As such, an Air Quality Assessment was required in order to consider site suitability for the proposed end-use and assess potential impacts as a result of the development.

A dispersion modelling study using ADMS-Roads was undertaken in order to quantify pollutant concentrations at the site and predict impacts as a result of emissions associated with traffic generated by the development. Results were subsequently verified using air quality monitoring results obtained from Salford City Council.

The results of the dispersion modelling assessment indicated that pollutant levels were above the relevant air quality standard in the vicinity of the local highway network, including across part of the site. Impacts on pollutant levels as a result of operational phase emissions were not predicted to be significant at any sensitive location in the vicinity of the scheme.

As high levels of pollution were predicted across the development site, additional dispersion modelling was undertaken at heights equivalent to the proposed floors in order to determine the exact number of apartments requiring mitigation through mechanical ventilation. This air quality mitigation scheme reduced the potential for exposure of future residents to elevated pollution concentrations and resulted in cost savings for the client.