Air Quality Assessment – Residential Development, Warrington


REC Air Quality were commissioned to undertake an Air Quality Assessment in order to discharge a planning condition for a residential development in Warrington. The local authority had concerns over potential impacts on existing air quality as a result of the proposals and an assessment was therefore required to consider the effects of the development during the construction and operational phases.

REC initially undertook a baseline study in order to determine pollutant concentrations in the vicinity of the site and identify receptors sensitive to changes in air quality. Potential construction phase impacts from fugitive dust emissions were subsequently assessed on a qualitative basis. Suitable mitigation techniques were identified in order to control emissions during the 5-year construction period and reduce impacts to an acceptable level.

During the operational phase of the development there is the potential for air quality impacts as a result of traffic exhaust emissions associated with new residents travelling to and from the site. Potential increases in pollutant concentrations were therefore calculated using the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) methodology at sensitive locations. This indicated that impacts would be negligible and mitigation was not required.

As a result of the Air Quality Assessment undertaken by REC the planning condition was discharged by the local authority, allowing the development to proceed as proposed.