Air Quality Assessment – Residential Care Home, Winnersh


REC’s Air Quality Consultants provided an Air Quality Assessment to support Castleoak’s planning application for a proposed care home accommodation development in Winnersh.

The proposals comprise a two-floor residential care home and associated facilities. The site is located in close proximity to the M55 motorway which is a significant source of traffic exhaust emissions. As such, Wokingham Borough Council has identified the area as experiencing elevated pollution levels and designated it an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). REC were approached by Castleoak to provide supporting air quality information to ensure the proposals received planning consent from the Local Authority.

The Air Quality Assessment was required to consider potential impacts during the operational phase of the development. This was undertaken through identification of local air quality monitoring results and production of a supplementary dispersion modelling assessment.

The dispersion model of the site and surrounding area was developed based on traffic flows and vehicle fleet composition. Pollution levels throughout an entire year were then generated for comparison with the air quality objectives.

The results of the assessment indicated that future users of the site will not be exposed to elevated pollutant concentrations and will not be at risk from poor air quality, despite the proximity of the M55 motorway. This information was utilised by Castleoak during the design process to ensure all site constraints were considered.