Air Quality Assessment – Power Generation Facility


REC Air Quality were commissioned to undertake an Air Quality Assessment of potential impacts associated with atmospheric emissions from a power generation facility in Bootle, to the north of Liverpool. The assessment was required in support of an Environmental Permit Application for the site and consideration of potential impacts on human and ecological receptors was necessary.

The assessment was undertaken using the detailed dispersion modelling package ADMS-4. An initial screening study was undertaken to determine a suitable stack height for the facility to ensure sufficient dispersion of emissions from the power generation process. Subsequent modelling in the vicinity of the site for comparison with the relevant Air Quality Limit Values, as well as to input into a Human Health Risk Assessment of dioxin and furan emissions.

Due to the proximity of a number of nationally and internationally designated ecological sites to the facility, assessment of oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide and ammonia concentrations was undertaken, in addition to consideration of nitrogen and acid deposition.

The results of the Air Quality Assessment indicated that the facility would not result in significant impacts on existing pollution levels in the vicinity of the site and the Environmental Permit should therefore be issued.

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