Air Quality Assessment at Mixed Use Development, Hackney


REC was commissioned to undertake an Air Quality Assessment in support of a planning application for a proposed mixed-use development at Nile Street, Hackney. Located within an Air Quality Management Area, the proposal was for the development of a new education facility, providing an ‘alternative’ school for vulnerable and transitional pupils, alongside 175 residential apartments.  However, London Borough of Hackney had identified the area as one experiencing elevated pollutant concentrations. With the proposals including a central boiler plant to provide heating throughout the development, an Air Quality Assessment was required to consider location suitability for the proposed end-use and to provide consideration of potential effects as a result.
As a result of demolition and construction, air quality impacts for the construction phased were assessed from fugitive dust emissions.  As a result, suitable mitigation measures were recommended during the construction phase to reduce potential impacts to an acceptable level.
Our Air Quality Assessment also modelled impacts during the operational phase of the development as a result of additional road vehicle traffic and the combustion of gas within the proposed energy centre. The assessment predicted that the air quality impacts were not significant at any sensitive location in the vicinity of the site.
Road Traffic and construction phase aside, our Air Quality Consultants had to ensure that the pollutant concentrations on site had to be quantified. Assessed through dispersion modelling, the results indicated that pollutants were predicted to exceed the Air Quality Objectives across the site. To rectify this, mechanical ventilation was recommended for all educational units and certain residential units to ensure a supply of clean air for future site users.
Based on the assessment results, air quality issues were not considered a constraint to planning consent for the proposed development, subject to the inclusion of relevant mitigation measures.

Nile Street