Air Quality Assessment – Materials Recovery Facility, London


REC was commissioned to undertake an Air Quality Assessment in support of the planning application for Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Waltham Forest, London. The proposals included a MRF for the sorting of various inert wastes for onward distribution and recycling. During the operation of the development there is the potential for air quality impacts as a result of fugitive dust emissions from the site, as well as emissions associated with vehicles travelling to and from the development. As such, an Air Quality Assessment was requested by the Local Authority in support of the planning application.

Potential air quality impacts associated with fugitive dust emissions were assessed on a qualitative basis. This considered the processes to be undertaken on site, prevailing meteorological conditions, location of sensitive receptors and control measures to be implemented at the MRF. The results of the dust assessment indicated that impacts would not be significant due to the mitigation techniques included within the proposals.

Potential air quality impacts associated with road vehicle exhaust emissions were assessed by screening the number of trips to be generated by the development against the DMRB and Environmental Protection UK criteria. This indicated that changes in pollution levels were not likely to be significant and as such further assessment was not required. The staged approach adopted by REC’s air quality consultants resulted in both time and costs savings for the client when compared with proceeding directly to a detailed assessment.

The results of the Air Quality Assessment indicated the proposed MRF would not result in significant air quality impacts and as such planning consent should not be refused on air quality grounds.