Air Quality Assessment – Hurstpierpoint


REC’s Air Quality Consultants provided an Air Quality Assessment to support Thakeham Homes Ltd’s planning application for a proposed residential development in Hurstpierpoint.

The proposals comprise the development of 93 dwellings and associated infrastructure. The development will provide a mix of flats, bungalows and houses to the local housing market, a proportion of which will be affordable homes. The scheme had the potential to cause impacts in a nearby Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) which was designated by Mid-Sussex District Council due to elevated pollutant levels. The AQMA is designated over a junction on one of the main road links connecting Brighton and London. Following correspondence from the council, REC were approached by Thakeham Homes Ltd to provide supporting air quality information to ensure the proposals received planning consent.

A detailed dispersion modelling assessment of the road network was developed in order to predict air quality impacts as a result of traffic generated by the development within the AQMA. Results were verified by monitoring results from the Local Authority. The results of the assessment indicated that impacts as a result of the traffic generated by the proposals were not predicted to be significant at any sensitive location within the AQMA.

Following REC’s involvement in the project, planning consent was granted allowing Thakeham Homes Ltd to proceed with the development.


Case Study – Air Quality Assessment – Hurstpierpoint (application/pdf, 148 KB)