Air Quality Assessment – Harrogate College


Project: Air Quality Assessment, Harrogate College

Project Type: Residential development

REC was commissioned by Harrogate College to undertake an Air Quality Assessment in support of an outline planning application for a proposed residential development at land adjacent to Hookstone Road and Hornbeam Park Avenue in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

The proposals comprise the redevelopment of the site to provide 89 residential units, the formation of a floodlit 3G all-weather sports pitch, a changing pavilion and a storage container, with associated access, parking and landscaping.

The development had the potential to cause air quality impacts from emissions from additional traffic associated with the operational phase of the proposed development. This assessment specifically quantified pollutant levels across the Woodlands Junction, situated to the north of the proposed development, where pollutant levels are generally elevated.

Dispersion modelling was undertaken in order to quantify existing pollutant concentrations at the Woodlands Junction and predict air quality impacts, as a result of additional road vehicle exhaust emissions, associated with traffic generated by the development.

The assessment concluded that impacts on pollutant levels as a result of operational phase vehicle exhaust emissions were predicted to be not significant. The use of robust assumptions, where necessary, was considered to provide sufficient results confidence for an assessment of this nature.

Based on the assessment results, air quality issues were not considered a constraint to planning consent for the proposed development.

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Image (c) Visit Harrogate

(c) Visit Harrogate