Air Quality Assessment for Ravenhill Avenue, Belfast


REC’s Air Quality Consultants completed an Air Quality Assessment in support of a planning application for a proposed residential development off Ravenhill Avenue in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)

Belfast City Council declared an AQMA along Ormeau Road, approximately 1km to the west of the proposed development. The AQMA was designated due to exceedences of the Air Quality Limit Value (AQLV) for nitrogen dioxide (NO2). As such, concerns were raised by the Local Authority that increased traffic resulting from the development could cause adverse impacts on this sensitive area.

Air Quality Assessment Outcome

A dispersion modelling assessment of the local road network was completed using the software package ADMS Roads. This allows the concentrations of pollutants to be predicted at sensitive receptors both with and without the development in place.

The results indicated concentrations of NO2 above the AQLV within the AQMA and other non-sensitive locations. However, the impacts resulting from traffic generated by the scheme within the AQMA and at other receptors were not predicted to be significant.

Based on the assessment results, mitigation measures were not required and air quality impacts were not considered to be a constraint to the planning application.