Air Quality Assessment at Circle Court, Stretford


REC was commissioned to undertake an Air Quality Assessment in support of a planning application for a proposed residential development at Circle Court, Barton Road, Stretford. The proposals comprised the development of the site to provide 17 residential dwellings, 23 residential apartments and associated infrastructure. The site is located in close proximity to the M60, a busy dual carriageway and significant source of road vehicle exhaust emissions and is also located within an area identified by Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council as experiencing elevated pollutant concentrations. An Air Quality Assessment was therefore required to consider location suitability for residential use and provide consideration of potential effects as a result of the proposals.

Potential construction phase air quality impacts from fugitive dust emissions were assessed as a result of earthworks, construction and trackout activities. Suitable mitigation measures were recommended during the construction phase to reduce potential impacts to an acceptable level.

The assessment also modelled impacts during the operational phase of the development as a result of additional road vehicle traffic travelling to and from the development. This indicated impacts were not predicted to be significant at any sensitive location in the vicinity of the site.

Dispersion modelling was undertaken in order to quantify pollutant concentrations at the site. This indicated that pollutants were predicted to exceed the Air Quality Objectives across specific residential apartments on the ground floor and as such, mechanical ventilation was recommended for these residential units to ensure a supply of clean air for future site users. A high specification of air tightness on the windows and doors was also recommended for all proposed residential units.

Based on the assessment results, air quality issues were not considered a constraint to planning consent for the proposed development, subject to the inclusion of relevant mitigation measures.