Air Quality Assessment – Hanley Street, Birmingham


Project: Air Quality Assessment Birmingham

Project Type: Mixed Use Development

REC undertook an Air Quality Assessment in support of a planning application for the proposed mixed-use development at Hanley Street, Birmingham.

The proposed scheme comprised the construction of a 200,000 ft residential building with 270 residential units, complete with new utility connections, under croft car parking, external works and landscaping. The proposed site is located within an area identified by Birmingham City Council as experiencing elevated pollutant concentrations and, therefore, has the potential to cause air quality impacts at sensitive locations. These may include fugitive dust emissions from construction works and operational phase emissions associated with traffic generated by the site and the proposed Combined Heat and Power unit. An Air Quality Assessment was required to quantify pollutant levels across the site, consider its suitability for the proposed end-use and assess potential impacts as a result of the development.

Potential construction phase air quality impacts from fugitive dust emissions were assessed as a result of demolition, earthworks, construction and track-out activities. It is considered that the use of good practice control measures would provide suitable mitigation for a development of this size and nature and reduce potential impacts to an acceptable level.

Dispersion modelling was undertaken in order to quantify existing pollutant concentrations at the site and predict air quality impacts as a result of emissions associated with traffic generated by the development and the Combined Heat and Power unit.

The dispersion modelling indicated that pollutant levels at sensitive locations across the site were below the relevant air quality standards and, as such, the location is considered suitable for the proposed end-use without the inclusion of mitigation methods. Additionally, the assessment concluded that impacts on pollutant levels as a result of operational phase emissions were predicted to be not significant at any sensitive location in the vicinity of the site. The use of robust assumptions, where necessary, was considered to provide sufficient results confidence for an assessment of this nature.

Based on the assessment results, air quality issues were not considered a constraint to planning consent for the proposed development.

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