Air Quality Assessment – The Beswick Project, Manchester


REC produced an Air Quality Assessment to support the planning application for the £40 million revamp of Manchester City FCs Etihad campus development in Manchester.

Across the 16 acre site, the new facilities will include a sixth form college, a leisure centre, retail units and a sports research institute. The masterplan aims to build on and continue the momentum established by recent investment in East Manchester. It will provide almost 200 jobs and attract 2,500 visitors a day to the area in Beswick.

REC were approached to provide an Air Quality Assessment to ensure the proposals received planning consent from Manchester City Council. This considered both construction and operational phases of the development.

Potential dust emissions during the construction phase impacts were assessed.  Due to the large scale of the development, mitigation techniques were identified to ensure impacts during the construction do not adversely affect local residents.

A detailed dispersion model of the site and surrounding area was developed in order to establish existing pollutant levels in the area and to predict air quality impacts as a result of traffic generated by the development. The results of the assessment indicated low impacts at all sensitive locations in the vicinity of the site. Additionally, it was predicted that future users of the site will not be exposed to elevated pollutant concentrations.

Based on the results of REC’s Air Quality Assessment, it was concluded that the development was fully compliant with all relevant planning policies and, as such, air quality should not be viewed as a constraint to planning consent.