Air Quality Assessment – Augustfields Residential Development


REC’s Air Quality Consultants helped to address concerns held by Lewes District Council over the impact of an 85 residential unit development on existing pollution levels within Newhaven and potentially secure planning consent for our client. The site was located close to an area identified by the local authority as experiencing poor air quality due to vehicle exhaust emissions. As such, any traffic generated by the future residents may have led to further deterioration of amenity levels and associated health effects for the local population.

Following extensive discussions with the environmental health officer, REC undertook a dispersion modelling assessment using ADMS-Roads to fully quantify any changes in pollutant concentrations as a direct result of emissions from traffic generated by the site. This looked a variety of sensitivity analyses due to the complex nature of the road network in Newhaven and the importance of our predictions.

The results of the Air Quality Assessment indicated that the development was unlikely to significantly affect pollution levels within Newhaven and air quality should not be considered a material consideration in the determination of planning consent. This news was welcomed by the client and the report was subsequently submitted in support of the application.