Air Quality Assessment – Aldi Supermarket, Croydon


REC provided an Air Quality Assessment to support Aldi’s planning application for a foodstore and regional training centre. The development, off Brighton Road, Coulsdon, will provide a new supermarket at ground floor level with regional training and office space at first floor. The proposals also include the provision of a car-park, which can be used as free short-term parking for the town centre.

The scheme may increase traffic in the local area, leading to increased pollution levels. REC was therefore instructed to investigate this issue and identify the significance of any effects.

Dispersion Modelling

REC initially determined baseline air quality conditions in the local area through a desktop study and review of recent pollution monitoring results. This indicated high existing levels, meaning any increases associated with the development were unlikely to be acceptable.

A dispersion model of the local road network was produced using ADMS-Roads. This included information on traffic flows and congestion, meteorological conditions, existing pollution levels and sensitive locations. A number of different scenarios were then tested within the model to allow any differences in air quality once the store was operational to be determined. The process indicated that although the extra traffic would cause very small increases in specific pollutant concentrations, these were not significant in the context of the relevant standards and guidance.

Air Quality Conclusions

Following REC’s involvement in the project, the planning application for the scheme was submitted, allowing the project to progress in accordance with the pre-arranged programme.