650 New Homes Planned for Former Mental Asylum


650 New Homes Planned for Former Mental Asylum

REC’s Air Quality Impact Group provided an Air Quality Assessment to support the large-scale mixed-use Whittingham Hospital redevelopment to the north of Preston.

The planning application seeks to demolish the former Whittingham Mental Asylum and build up to 650 new homes, a new play area, a new school and offices. The developers want to reclaim as many bricks and other materials to use in the new builds and also retain the existing cricket pitch on the site.

Air Quality Impacts During Construction

Due to the scale of the proposals, the development has the potential to cause elevated pollutant concentrations at sensitive locations in the operational and construction phases. Air quality impacts during the construction of the scheme were assessed and suitable mitigation techniques were specified in order to protect local residents from potential fugitive dust emissions.

Air Quality Assessment

The development will be complemented by the Brougton Bypass which will direct traffic from the heavily congested Broughton Crossroads. The Air Quality Assessment was required to assess impacts at sensitive locations as a result of traffic generated by the scheme. As the bypass is not yet constructed, REC modelled emissions from road vehicles in a number of scenarios which demonstrated the benefits that the bypass will bring to the north Preston area. REC showed increases in pollutant concentrations as a result of the scheme would be negligible and the development should not be constrained on air quality grounds. Once planning permission has been granted, work to develop the site could start in summer of this year.