Asbestos Multipurpose Service – South Lanarkshire Council


REC has held the term contract to supply asbestos consultancy services to all the council’s domestic properties

Running kitchen/ window /bathroom replacement programmes in a council as large and geographically spread as South Lanarkshire was no easy task. Under UK legislation any refurbishment can only be carried out following the identification and remediation of any asbestos issues. This was completed before the consideration that we needed to gather information on that stock to insure that no tenant was put at risk from asbestos.

South Lanarkshire Council runs one of the largest bespoke database systems that helps manage this task.

REC was able to perform all functions required from the local office in East Kilbride.

Since the award of this contract REC has created in house data capture system to quickly and efficiently transfer information from our surveyors to the council system. There were around 20 surveys carried out per day.

Air monitoring was routinely carried out in tenant’s houses where a risk had been identified or where asbestos materials had been removed.

The services that we can provide include air monitoring, bulk analysis including surveying, training and auditing.

The high quality, pragmatic solutions provided has ensured REC is the trusted provider for a large spread of asbestos services for various councils throughout the UK.