New British Lung Foundation Asbestos Campaign Highlights Dangers


Asbestos Awareness

The British Lung Foundation has launched a new campaign that aims to raise awareness of the risks related to asbestos exposure. Official statistics say that 20 people die each week from asbestos, and it’s still the U.K.’s biggest work related killer. The number of deaths continues to rise each year, and twice as many people die from asbestos exposure than on the roads.

It is timely that the British Lung Foundation Asbestos campaign is increasing in awareness. Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous material that has been a popular building material since the 1950’s. Any development that was built before the year 2000 is likely to contain the substance, and the airborne fibres can even contaminate workers clothes which increases the risk of exposure to others.

Asbestos Exposure

Dave Goodwin of REC Asbestos said “Asbestos exposure on building sites continues to be deadly, not only for tradespeople who are in the direct line of contact but also other employees who might be nearby.“

He continued “Awareness and specialised training is key in minimising the dangers and we endorse any new campaign that highlights these risks. Site managers or tradesmen who are unsure about the safety of a building must contact a qualified asbestos consultant, however small the risk might be. The welfare of all employees must be taken in to account when planning any repairs or demolition works.“

REC’s Asbestos Consultants

In accordance with jumping on board with the British Lung Foundation Asbestos awareness campaign, we say that it is time to manage yours effectively. All of REC’s asbestos consultants are highly trained and fully accredited and REC Asbestos hold UKAS accreditation for both bulk fibre analysis and the testing of asbestos containing materials in our fully accredited laboratories. This allows REC’s asbestos consultants to ensure clients maintain full regulatory compliance at all times.

For further information on REC’s asbestos consultancy services please contact your local office or contact us online.

removing asbestos in a post of transformer