Brighton and Hove Low Emission Zone Planned for 2015


Low Emission Zone

Councillors are to decide whether to introduce a Brighton and Hove Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in the central bus corridor in an effort to improve air quality. The proposed zone covers four of the main roads close to the centre of Brighton and buses entering this area would be required to meet minimum emission standards. Subject to formal approval following a council meeting mid-January, the Zone would be effective by January 2015.

Air Pollution

Councillor Pete West, chair of the environment, transport and sustainability committee at Brighton and Hove City Council, said: “Air pollution is well above both national and EU levels in some parts of the city and some areas have shown little sign of improvement in 10 years. This is mainly because of nitrogen dioxide emissions from road transport.” This situation is commonplace in cities across the UK and if Brighton and Hove do introduce a LEZ, they would be the fourth Local Authority to do so after London, Oxford and Norwich.

Councillor West also stated: “Introducing a Low Emission Zone would be a cost effective way of improving air quality citywide as the buses entering the zone would also be travelling to other parts of the city. It is the logical next step in developing the work already underway by bus operators in Brighton and Hove.” Under the designation, Brighton and Hove City Council would monitor the emission standard of buses in the zone to ensure compliance and liaise with bus operators to resolve any difficulties. The council would also monitor other types of vehicle using the LEZ to assess their impact.

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