Asbestos Awareness: Boyes Turners Asbestos Study Day


Asbestos awareness is decreasing. Due to the prevalence of Asbestos being used throughout history as a fire resistant material, asbestos exposure is a real threat to contractors undertaking work on older buildings throughout the UK, so necessary measures and steps must be taken into action to deal with this underlying issue. As more organisations are being fined for failing to deal with it, REC Ltd recently delivered a workshop at the Boyes Turner Asbestos Awareness Study Day to reinforce the importance of taking the necessary steps to manage this very real threat.


Boyes Turner Asbestos Awareness Study Day

Scott Bentley, Head of Asbestos Planned Services, had the pleasure of speaking at Boyes Turners Asbestos Study Day in late September. The day was aimed at educating health and industry professionals on the dangers around asbestos exposure and how this can lead to mesothelioma and other lung related diseases. Scott’s sessions particularly focused on Asbestos in the workplace which went through the history of asbestos as prevalent material, working conditions (past and present) and how this has lead to asbestos exposure related diseases.
The day was a great success surrounded by experts on both legal and health sides of the topic. Others discussed the medical challenges linking lung problems directly with asbestosis (mesothelioma) vs other lung diseases and therefore determining grounds for a legal claim or compensation.


Asbestos Awareness: Taking Action

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