Are you aware of the requirements for Stack Emissions Testing?


What is Stack Emissions Testing?

Stack emissions testing is the survey work undertaken to ensure that emissions from industrial facilities meet environmental standards. In order to satisfy the Environmental Permitting Regulations those carrying out industrial processes are required to report their stack emissions released into the atmosphere on a regular basis.

The fact that stack emissions testing is necessary and is carried out in the UK comes as a surprise to many people. Some assume that emissions from factories and other industrial plants are not monitored in any way. Nothing could be further from the truth, monitoring is on-going and the standards are very strict.

Who needs stack emissions testing?

The requirement for stack emissions testing is determined based on potential environmental impacts from a factory. The greater the emissions, the more rigorous the requirements for monitoring. This can range from annual testing through to continuous observations 24-hours per day.

The relevant regulator for the factory will determine how often the stack emissions testing should be undertaken. This may be the Environment Agency or Local Authority and the requirements will be documented within the site’s permit. Results of any monitoring will be stored on the public register and made available to any concerned residents so they can be sure all relevant laws are being adhered to.

Who can carry out stack emissions testing?

As you may imagine, stack emissions testing is a specialist job and it can only be completed by a limited number of companies in the UK. These firms are recognised by the Environment Agency as having the proper training, quality and management systems and experience to monitor emissions. In addition, they are equipped with specialist equipment which samples the emissions for analysis either in the field or in the laboratory.

Sometimes they will fit emissions testing equipment in place permanently. This equipment constantly monitors all emissions and sounds an alarm or sends a message on the rare occasion that emissions exceed safe limits.

Why choose REC For Stack Emissions Testing?

REC can carry out stack emissions testing for a wide variety of industrial processes. We are fully MCERTS and UKAS accredited to undertake emissions monitoring of all pollutant species and have experience of working on complex and demanding sites.

REC are fully UKAS accredited for Bioaerosol testing, recently being one of the first companies to achieve VDI 4257 Part 2 for stack emissions and the AFOR Protocol for ambient air  click here.