Agrivert AD Facility provided with Air Quality Assessment by REC


DEFRA resource minister Lord de Mauley officially opened the second Agrivert AD (anaerobic digestion) plant in Oxfordshire on 17th May 2013.

The Wallingford Agrivert AD plant is one of six organic waste recycling facilities in the Agrivert Ltd portfolio under a 20 year contract to provide a complete organic waste treatment solution for Oxfordshire County Council.

With a capacity of 45,000 tonnes per annum, the AD facility was built under a joint venture between Agrivert and Green Renewable Energy (GRE) at a cost of £10 million and will generate over 2.3MW of renewable energy – enough to power over 4,000 local homes.

In addition to renewable energy, the plant also generates renewable heat, some of which is used to heat the pasteurisers and the digesters. In a further development, Agrivert is looking to use the surplus heat produced to dry woodchip to provide a sustainable fuel.

REC was commissioned by Agrivert Ltd to undertake an Air Quality Assessment of potential impacts from the anaerobic digestion plant and associated biogas engines.

Emissions from the combustion of biogas had the potential to cause increases in ground level pollutant concentrations. An Air Quality Assessment was therefore required to quantify effects in the vicinity of the site.

Dispersion modelling of a number of pollutants was undertaken to determine pollutant concentrations at sensitive receptors as a result of atmospheric emissions from the biogas engines and flare.

Predicted levels of all pollutants were below the relevant standards at all locations within the assessment extents for all modelling scenarios. Impacts on baseline concentrations at sensitive receptor locations were also not considered to be significant.

Based on the results of REC’s Air Quality Assessment, it was concluded that the development was fully compliant with the requirements of the Environmental Permitting Regulations and that the relevant Permit condition should be discharged, allowing operations to commence at the site.

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