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clean air fund

In October 2017 a report by the World Health Organisation claimed that the quality of air in 44 UK cities – including London, Leeds and Glasgow – made it a serious risk to our health. However in accordance with the Autumn Budget 2017, £220 million of grants will be allocated through the Clean Air Fund […]

asbestos management
08.01.18 REC

In accordance with the Asbestos Control Regulations 2012, if you are planning any work on a building and you are the duty holder then you are responsible for asbestos management. This reminder should come as no surprise in light of recent news that an asbestos consultancy is facing legal action from Arbertillery Leisure Centre and Blaenau […]


REC is recognised by the Chamber Business Awards 2017 The Chamber Business Awards 2017 is one of the UK’s most prestigious business award programmes and REC has been considered for a Chamber Business award. REC is an active chamber business member of the Chambers of Commerce and was up against some fantastic competitors, all worthy of a place to […]


Asbestos awareness is decreasing. Due to the prevalence of Asbestos being used throughout history as a fire resistant material, asbestos exposure is a real threat to contractors undertaking work on older buildings throughout the UK, so necessary measures and steps must be taken into action to deal with this underlying issue. As more organisations are [...]


Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEAs) are an important to discover which ecological constraints are present on your site, so that you can prevent delays. Managing this effectively can grant planning permission early; allowing you to plan ahead for protected species surveys which can take place over spring and summer. Preliminary Ecological Appraisals place you in a better position with better […]