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  As with many other cities across the globe, London is struggling with air pollution. This has led it to follow the lead of other cities and develop and implement measures to tackle this pollution. The first fruit of this new approach has been to charge high-polluting vehicles a daily fee to enter a set […]


As the Ecology survey season is now in full swing, REC’s ecologists are very busy out on site conducting surveys on a number of proposed developments. This is a picture of our ecologist Sarah conducting a habitat assessment as part of a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) to support planning for a proposed residential development near […]


  Hello Matt – tell us about a typical day in Air Quality at REC. As an Air Quality team, we do a lot of work for property developers, other promoters and planners so a mixture of computer modelling and reporting on atmospheric emissions from things like road traffic, local power generation units and industrial […]