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Following consultation, the Government has released its Clean Air Strategy designed to tackle all sources of pollution. It recognises that “it is exposure to high concentrations of pollutants that is most likely to directly result in adverse impacts. These impacts are cumulative, so we need to think about reducing exposure at all stages of life” […]


Hello Martin – tell us about a typical day in Geo-Environmental at REC. Geo-Environmental is one of the five main services we provide to clients at REC. It involves looking at land quality from a contamination and geo-technics point of view and advising them on any clean up and foundations. There are often a lot of […]


The effects of asbestos are well known and it has been highlighted that students and school employees face significant health risks from asbestos found in schools. A recent report found that up to 86% of schools contain asbestos and predicted that almost 400 students will die every year from lung cancer after being exposed to […]


You’d be forgiven for thinking that ecology surveys stop during the winter as reptiles, mammals and plants hunker down during the winter months. It’s true we’ve passed the end of the active survey season for a number of species, such as bats, reptiles and dormice. However, there are still ecological surveys that can be done […]


Noise is defined as any unwanted sound including road and rail traffic, amplified music and commercial/industrial, which means no matter the type of development, one or more of these are likely to be a concern to existing and/or proposed receptors, and, as such, a Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) will be required. 5 things for Developers, Local […]