Contaminated Land Services

REC Geo-Environmental provide the following contaminated land services for the re-development of contaminated land sites:

Phase I – Desk Study

A phase I site investigation, alternatively known as a desk study is prepared by REC Geo-Environmental’s experienced contaminated land professionals using Environment Agency data and reporting guidelines, including historical maps.

A phase I desk study provides a detailed and conclusive study and is most notably used for the following:

  • Planning Permission
  • Property transactions

REC’s phase I contaminated land reports are simple to understand and provide the necessary information required. REC Geo-Environmental will outline whether land is risk free or if further investigation is required through a Phase II contaminated land site assessment and phase III Quantitative Risk Assessment.

If a site has had any industrial history, an initial site walkover or brief site survey may be required. A number of local authorities require a site walkover to be carried out.

Phase II Site Assessment

A phase II contaminated land site assessment is required if a site is known to have a contaminated history from either prior gained knowledge or from the results of a desk study.

REC Geo-Environmental Phase II site assessments include the following:

  • Review of all site information
  • Consultation with local authorities contaminated land officer
  • Site visit for inspection of contaminated land sources
  • Soil sampling
  • Water sampling

Phase III – Quantitative Risk Assessment

Once a desk study and phase II site investigation has been undertaken, the results of these provide the basis for the Phase III risk assessment.

REC Geo-Environmental’s phase III risk assessments include:

  • Discussion with Environment Agency & Local Authority Officers
  • Installation of monitoring wells
  • Taking of samples
  • Fully UKAS accredited testing laboratory analysis
  • Modelling with recommended risk assessment
  • Reporting

Gas monitoring and water monitoring takes place over a varying period of time and as a result, a contaminated land remediation strategy may be required as part of a phase III assessment.

For more information please contact your local office or contact us online.

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